• 1.15 billion people with a potential to become Equal contributors to the World Economy.
    Mitti Cafe : Changing Perceptions around Disability.
    One Cafe at a time.
    1 in every 7 persons Across the Globe is a Person with Disability
  • 1.15 billion people with a potential to become Equal contributors to the World Economy.
    Mitti Cafe : Changing Perceptions around Disability.
    One Cafe at a time.
    1 in every 7 persons Across the Globe is a Person with Disability
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2.1% of India’s population which is about 26.81 million is persons with disability (as per 2011 Census); Among them there are 4.1 million in the employable age of 19-29; Barely 2% are educated and 1% is in employment. Skill Development and Employment in an organized sector Job is an opportunity for young People with Disability to exhibit their talent, demonstrate their abilities, grow capabilities and overcome the stigma/barrier of disability. The Indian economy has grown rapidly per capita GDP increased from $322 to $1552 during 1992-2012. However, persons with disability, especially those from poor families, have not benefited from this economic growth.

Mitti Cafe is a unique concept that focuses on skilling and placing adults with physical, mental and psychiatric disabilities in the hospitality sector. The work has scaled from 1 to 9 training café units in 2 years, with the support from companies like Infosys ,ANZ,Wipro, IQVIA etc . The café has a unique concept , that combines:

A. Experiential training given to adults with physical/mental and psychiatric disabilities coming from lower socio economic backgrounds ,with a majority of those having dropped out of school, attended special school or have never attended school. Training phase lasts for 2 months. In a batch of persons with disability each person is different in terms of degree of disability, mobility constraints and educational background (education in special schools or regular schools). A.Generation of employment within the existing cafes to a percentage of candidates trained by Mitti as all Mitti Cafes are completely managed and run by adults with physical and mental disabilities. Placed candidates also play a vast role in training and mentoring new candidates. Each café has a 70% reservation for candidates with disabilities coming from lower socio-economic backgrounds.There is an additional 20% reservation for Women candidates with Disabilities at Mitti Café.

B. Awareness through the given cafes + Sensitisation through Outreach Programs : Awareness about disability inclusion is being spread via natural conversations between our PWD employees and the thousands customers who access our cafes everyday. We also hold Sensitisation Workshops and stalls by persons with disabilities within public spaces, corporates & educational institutions to make people aware of the various abilities people with disabilities possess. Additionally there is a great change in perception in the communities our candidates come from-from being considered a supposed 'liability' to becoming the highest payed member of the family, the lens with which they are viewed is drastically altered for the better.

C. Revenue generated through sale of products made by adults with disabilities, are used to bear some of the cost of training future candidates (procurement of raw materials, salaries of current PWD employees) with disabilities , operations and certain administrative expenses to run the organization.The additional funds needed to train new candidates and set up more Mitti Cafes that would generate employment and train candidates with disability are raised through grants and crowd funding.

D. Mitti Training Cafes are set within corporate and educational institutions like Infosys,IQVIA , ANZ, JP Morgan and others. The corporates participate with us to support this initiative, and give us space for our cause within their institution that is free from rent as part of their corporate social responsibility.

E. All trainees and potential employees are provided with training, fooding, accommodation, transportation and basic utilities in their tenure with Mitti ,free of cost. Mitti also provides wheelchairs to candidates who cannot afford it.This is important as our target candidates are persons with disabilities who belong to very low socio-economic strata, and need training along with employment the most, however cannot afford it.


Impact: Success stories of resilience and hope created at Mitti

Mitti’s unique model is that we are the first to both train and employ candidates with different disabilities (Physical, intellectual and psychiatric), who work together and complement one another.





Our leadership has vision to make a difference by linking right people at right time in most engaging way.

Alina Alam

Founder, Director Masters in Development, Azim Premji University
Bachelors in Psychology, Sophia College for Women
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Anjani Gupta

Director, Finance M-Tech+B-Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) Facebook Twitter Linkedin

Manoj Gowda

Head, Quality & Expansion M.S. Engg. (APD), Coventry University, UK,
B.C.A. Bangalore University
Facebook Twitter Linkedin

Sanidhya Bindal

Head, Operations B.B.A., NMIMS (Mumbai) Facebook Twitter Linkedin

Swati Dokani

Head, Business Development M.B.A. Finance, Kolkata
B.Com. Honors, Kolkata
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