Our Stories

A Journey of Hope & Inclusion that Crossess a Thousand Smiles… 🙂


The first impression of one about 20 year old Kirti would be that of a girl with astounding aspirations and an undaunting spirit that could even out the interference of as many hardships that may otherwise hold someone back. An Aneasy favorite of many, her being on the wheelchair does not stop her from enjoying life. A movie buff and a

painter in her pastime, she adourns the perfect host’s hat with professional

Ă©lan and loves the feeling of making others happy with the smallest deeds.


20 year old Kirti holds the magic to light up any ecosystem she is a part of. With her vibrant presence and talent of winning over people with her words, she has become a quick favourite of both our customers and employees. 

She dropped out of 5th standard due to inaccessibility to disability friendly toilets and a wheelchair to normally commute that her family could not afford. Today she is successfully working in our café and has access to a wheelchair. Jovial and hardworking by nature, she has been an asset to the café through her excellent interpersonal skills which have positively impacted sales. Earlier not able to hold a glass or even count money when she joined due to a lack of steadiness and strength in her hand, today she is our manager and accountant. She counts money like a professional

and handles fpur other hearing-and-speech impaired candidates and intellectually disabled candidates from her wheelchair. Talk about where there is a will,there is a way and you have Kirti as the best example!


24 year old Sadiq has always been a proud explorer. His inquisitiveness to explore the various figments of nature and life irrespective of being on the wheelchair have helped him amass a great lot of knowledge in a variety of aspects. One of our most popular employees amidst customers he would have answers to most of your questions and is ever ready to learn and help with a smile worth a million watts. As one customer pointed out “ Their smiles makes the food tastier!”. We agree!


Bhairappa is perhaps the most famous employee that we have. Merely 3 feet tall, his aspiration, passion, social intelligence and empathy for those around him have garnered him mountain worth of respect and liking. Rejected from one job after the other, our little champ is perhaps one of the best things to have happened to MITTI. Don’t be surprised if you visit our cafe and see this young Hulk of ours carrying a 20 litre water can on his shoulders while others look on fascinated. When we say, underdogs have worked out the best for us, Bhairappa is perhaps our best example.

Md. Sharief

55 year old Md. Sharief does not have the word impossible in his dictionary! You give him a task, he lets out an assuring nod followed by a smile and you know it would be done. Due to throat cancer he had to get his voice box removed as a consequence for which he lost his ability to speak. Being the sole bread winner for a family of 7, he had been struggling for a job since his own business had to be shut down. Post training, he has joined MITTI and has been working with us in the capacity of Café Manager. With his excellent marketing and human resource management skills, he is truly an asset to the organisation.


Shivlila’s compassionate and  helpful nature has speaks great volumes of the gem of a person she is. Her constant zeal to give her best and ensure everyone gives theirs is what sets her apart. She has not once let her hearing and speech disability meddle with her inquisitiveness to enquire about things, know people and communicate with them so that the food that she prepares for customers is customized as per their personal liking. She believes in being humble to be successful in life. Determined to give in her best, this

lovely girl is truly an inspiration for us at Mitti.

Avinash & Shruti

Avinash and Shruti are amongst our several candidates with hearing and speech disability. While Avinash has completed his schooling, Shruti has never attended school. Both of them have different strengths of their own. Avinash is great at marketing and getting pre-orders, Shruti is good with managing people and maintaining team harmony.


Amongst persons with disability there are high cases of alcohol and drug abuse. Rajesh (name changed) who has hearing and speech disability was into substance abuse before joining the café. Today, after a lot of struggle and perseverance he has given up on the harmful habit serves as a shining example for others.His determination and hard-work has earbed him the employee of the month award. 

Toushit & Rajashekhar

Our beloved Toushit has down syndrome and Rajashekhar has autism. Both possess a strong sense to achieve perfection in anything that they do. Both focus on precision, which helps them contribute to the café by ensuring everything is in the right place and cleanliness is maintained. These characteristics are common to their disability. Rajshekhar is certainly our

success story since we found him wandering aimelessly on the road and today he proudly calls himself our Assistant Manager.


Sabiha has been a victim of extreme domestic abuse that has rendered her paralyzed. Once the captain of the Volleyball team in her college, she is now unable to walk and moves her hands with great difficulty. A single mother of one, you will always find her smiling and chattering with the customers, most of whom are now her friends. Unable to move her hands or legs, you must be really wondering what use is a Sabiha to Mitti.. Well! Brace yourself then . This wonderful girl is a fighter and if a customer comes in for a tea for 5 rupees, she makes sure that the customer walks out with a 50 rupees worth combo meal. Her GIFT OF THE GAB is her superpower. Our Wonder Woman received the best employee award in her very first month at the café due to her determination to achieve excellence.