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“Teri Mitti Mein mil Jaava…

Gul Ban ke main khil jaana….

Itni is hai dil ki aarzoo…..”

MITTI means soil, which is a part of Earth - Prithvi. It's the color of Earth's clay. At Mitti Cafe, though, we bring out different shades of MITTI as our team blooms through spurts of growth, learning, practicing, progressing with each passing day, and ever staying rooted to mother earth.

Pink is for bringing joy in many lives. Orange being a source of unique livelihood for many. Green is a sanctuary of hope for many who have nowhere to go. Blue merging as an epicenter of dreams and aspirations for many who have come such a long way from where they started their journey. Red being someone's desire to work with respectability. Yellow is a light of poise for those who cannot see but today assist in immeasurable ways. Lavender being the wheels of power for those who were limited by their locomotive disabilities.

Yes, these are THE colors of MITTI - our team who has matured and evolved into such powerful beings and are now contentedly working in a happy environment, spreading their roots and branches wide and high.

Sadiq is an exemplary model of wit and super brain power, along with the passion of learning everything that comes his way. He has been manning our billing and cashier desk solo and is a favorite amongst his peers and clients. A charmer at heart with the softest voice to match :) A blooming and fragrant lavender!

For those who think life is black when you have a complete visual disability, meeting and interacting with Gauri is such an eye-opener, ironically, YES! Your eyes are going to pop out when you see her taking orders, serving food, talking to clients, and carrying stuff up and down the cafe. Fluent in both English and Kannada, she never ceases to amaze me. A natural leader Gauri helps train the team from time to time and has won many accolades over the years. She is our brightest yellow sunflower.

Laxmi, a single mother of two genius and vibrant kids - Bhavana and Mohan, has a speech impairment but speaks with her eyes instead. Her ever-smiling face and the look the fulfillment she carries are heartwarming. She can recommend any dish on the menu with just her kind and thoughtful expressions. Her kids sometimes come to pick her from work, and pride in their eyes swells my heart. She is my fiery orange - a shining ray of hope.

MITTI Cafe has many paradigms of green, Bhairappa being one of them. He has dwarfism and had tried to find work in around twenty places before coming for his interview barefoot at MITTI. His journey has been tremendous, and his life blossomed even more when he found love also at MITTI in a co-worker, Roopa. Shedding all his inhibitions, he and Roopa now married, live in their own house near the cafe, and have grown substantially in taking responsibility and serving unconditionally back to the community. A true hero!

Our single-handed warrior Shivguappa is no less than any of us today. Hard work, grit, and conviction can take you to glorious heights. Committed and strong-willed, he is ready for any challenge and learnings that come his way. He is exceptional in any field you put him in and immerses his heart deep in work like the brilliant blue sky!

Then we have Keerti, who has a locomotive disability. She could not afford a wheelchair and had come crawling to give her an interview for our very first cafe. She has come a long, long way with her whole-hearted dedication and now heads that same cafe as a manager. She now zooms around the entire cafe in her robust wheels, and her charismatic personality and engaging spirit make her very special. From accounts to operating the whole billing and cashier desk, she loves having a fascinating conversation anytime. She is our delightful lavender, a fighter of her own accord. She has inspired umpteen people through her story!

We have a diverse collection of inspiring stories at MITTI. We will share tales of diligence, love, triumph, jubilation, struggle, and adherence through our blogs. Our cafes are nurturing spaces for our team and home to many. We believe in a "livelihood earned through honor" for everyone. The same colors and numerous stories reflect our cafes' design across Bangalore, Kolkata, and Orissa. You will find precious handmade trinkets adorning our cafe walls, all handmade by our extraordinary team.

I hope this read inspired you as much as it overwhelmed me writing about it. Do share your comments with us.








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