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A Fairytale

Stars of Mitti


Gauri has never let her 100% visual impairment affect her impeccable work. She can catch you when you are happy or sad just by your presence

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A single amazing mother of two children with hearing and speech impairment, she has a dream. She wants to works hard and see her children study today, so that one day they will take her on a world tour.

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As a dwarf, Bhairappa was bullied his whole life. He was rejected by over 70 companies at job fairs. Today he leads a team of 7 people and he is happily married to Roopa, who he met at MITTI Cafe!

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Down Syndrome has not stopped him from being our Customer Happiness Representative. His million-dollar smile has made him an instant hit amongst our customers.

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Sadiq's perseverance and infectious smile will give you life goals. He is our manager and is an inspiration for us all with his attitude of never giving up and lifting everyone up. He often gives others a ride on his wheelchair

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Hemant has Cerebral Palsy yet he is undeterred to work, save his salary and one day build his own dream house and a swimming pool.

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On the first day of interview Kirti came to us crawling because she could not afford a wheelchair. Today as the cashier and manager of our Café, she financially supports her family.

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Awaish, having hearing disability, has gone about his work at Wipro silently but immaculately. Always courteous and smiling, he has proven that disability isn't inability.

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To enable and empower people with disabilities to be

economically independent, confident, and live with dignity.

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